Rice Krispie Treats

Mar 27, 2011 Chef "C" 0

This is a classic recipe for Rice Krispie treats. You can try adding different flavors of Rice Krispies. I’ve heard the berry is good. If […]

Buddy Mary

Mar 16, 2011 Chef "C" 0

A twist on the classic cocktail and the perfect hangover cure! One of our cannabis-infused alcoholic beverage recipes! Adapted from The Cannabis Cookbook by Tim […]

Nip Dragon

Mar 16, 2011 Chef "C" 0

Single-serving cannabis infused alcoholic beverage. Easy weed recipe to follow! Green Dragon, for those scraping by. For this single serving marijuana drink you only need […]

Pot Apple Pie

Mar 16, 2011 Chef "C" 0

A delicious apple pie with a marijuana butter based crust! For other cool recipes, check out The Cannabis Cookbook: Over 35 Tasty Recipes for Meals, […]

Bhang (Cannabis) Drink

Mar 16, 2011 Chef "C" 0

Traditional Indian cannabis drink using milk, almonds, and spices that is very potent! This drink is extremely popular in India, especially during the “Holi Festival” […]

Blasted Cow

Mar 15, 2011 Chef "C" 0

Like a Pina Colada without the overpowering coconut taste. This one tastes like a banana milkshake! Adapted from The Cannabis Cookbook by Tim Pilcher Estimated […]