Cannabis Alcohol Tincture

How to make a cannabis alcohol tincture using Vodka, Schnapps, Brandy, Everclear, etc.

THC, the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana (cannabis), is not readily digested by itself. Because THC is alcohol soluble it can be extracted into alcohol in order to make it more accessible to the body.

Use a liquor with at least 50% alcohol.

For those who would prefer not to consume alcohol, we also have a great Glycerin-Based Cannabis Tincture recipe!

3/4oz/22g finely ground cannabis
3fl oz/90ml alcohol (such as brandy, rum, vodka*)
*Different cannabis concoctions will taste better using different kinds of alcohol. Refer to the recipe you will be using it in.

DECARB your bud first! Place on cookie sheet in the oven at 150°F for an hour or so, until the bud is dry and crumbles into a powder when rolled between your thumb and index finger.

1. Soak the cannabis powder in water for 12 hours to remove any water-soluble impurities.
2. Drain excess water.
3. Put cannabis powder in an airtight container such as a mason jar.
4. Pour alcohol over cannabis.
5. Store in a cool dark place for at least 10 days. The longer the better.
6. Shake the container several times a day.
7. Filter through cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer to remove solid particles. Repeat as necessary.