Cannabis Cooking Oil


Learn how to make a cannabis cooking oil (marijuana oil).

Cannabis cooking oil is a mixture of extracted cannabinoids and a cooking oil. We recommend using extra virgin olive oil, but if you prefer an oil without a taste, try using canola oil. You can cook with cannaoil in any recipe that calls for oil.

28oz extra virgin olive oil or canola oil
1oz/28g of finely ground quality marijuana (or up to 1/4 lb. commercial grade)

Making the Cannabis Oil:
1. Pour oil into a large saucepan, preferably a double boiler.
2. Heat on a medium setting, and let it warm up.
3. Do not let the oil boil! This is very important for making quality cannabis oil.
4. Once the oil is hot, but not boiling, you may add the cannabis powder. We have found the best results keeping the oil just on the edge of simmering, but not actually simmering.
5. Stir frequently, and watch for bubbles. If the oil begins to boil remove it from the heat until the temperature is low again and lower the heat!
6. Continue for at least 1 hour. We suggest allowing the bud to soak in the hot oil for about 2 hours.
7. Strain the oil through cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer and press to remove all oil from the cannabis (make sure oil has cooled enough that you don’t burn yourself!) into a container.